Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Let the recapping begin!

But where in the world to start?? I guess we will begin with the rehearsal if that's ok with you. :)
(Also, this is a picture heavy post...which I suppose is what recaps really are, right?)

We were very lucky to have a short rehearsal at the church. It wasn't completely drama free though. We had some car trouble after the rehearsal (in the rain, no less) but we got to Portillo's eventually to have a great time with everyone.

I knew from the beginning that I wanted our rehearsal dinner at Portillo's. Not only because
Richard & I go there any chance we get but because it holds a special place in his family's hearts. I'm still so grateful that we were able to have our rehearsal dinner there with our nearest and dearest. We were also lucky to get some pretty good pictures of the party from my friend Hilary of Hope Photography as well.

speaking of Hilary, here she is with her husband and us. We both married engineers! :)

In this next picture, you will see a person who was a huge, gigantic help to us during the days leading up to and day of our wedding. I'm 150% sure that things would have gone wrong and I would have had a breakdown if not for Nicole from Niche White! :) (and of course, her husband who was awesome too!) She kept me in check when I needed to be reeled back in, she made sure that everything went smoothly...she did everything she could for us and I think she is an amazing person.

it's amazing what twitter can do. :)

bride & groom

best shot of me with my bffs ever.

the groom with his future in laws. I adore this picture because I can feel the love.

Richard made a really good speech. (for real, everyone said aw a lot and even his best man said "I need to use that!")

After Richard spoke about how grateful we were that everyone was there with us, we passed out some presents to our bridal party.

I always wrap my brother's gifts with VS bags

I got her books too but...I'm so glad we have this picture. :)

Of course, we took a moment to practice and take some family pictures as well.

bro of honor, bride & parents of the bride

groomsgirl, fog, bride, groom & mog

It was a really fun time, as you can tell by now I'm sure. After the party, Richard & I hung out in my hotel suite, in amazement that the day was almost here. We talked and at about 11:58pm, he left to go to our apartment. I'll be honest with you...I totally cried when he left.

He called when he got home and we talked for a while. We decided after one that we should try to get at least some sleep. We happened to sleep pretty well that night, luckily. I think that's a good sign, don't you?? :)


Wednesday, August 17, 2011


So I'm definitely playing with the idea of recapping right now. I mean, the wedding happened only five months ago. Even if the only person who reads it is my husband, I think that would be worth it, wouldn't it? :)

I don't know when the official recapping will begin, but keep your eyes peeled! Until then...

room with a view!

You thought I was going to leave you with a nice, professional wedding shot? Nope! Not my style. :)

What do you think? Would you like to see more of the Peachy wedding?