Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The Details, Part 3

When I think of the details at our wedding, I always hear someone telling me how much they loved all the little touches of us that we had.  Honestly, that was one of my favorite things too.  I loved making this wedding ours. 

(we still have a stack of these from paper stories.)

we made sure our guests got both Chicago Cubs & Detroit Tigers cookies.
Just a note here...see those menus tucked in between the napkin?  Yeah, we totally didn't know that we were going to have those through the hotel until we saw them ourselves at our sweetheart table.  Good things I decided to not order some myself!

 and the Hard Rock provided us with some pretty cool decor too!
we'll discuss the floral centerpieces some other time. I'm proud of the HP book though!

I feel lucky that we were able to find such amazing people to help us pull all of this off.  It really was just a dream come true kind of day.  Including the music & dancing, which we'll talk about next time! :)