Friday, September 24, 2010

Thinking about Rehearsing...dressing up!

The past few days I've been discussing the rehearsal dinner with my fmil...which of course makes me think of what I should wear to the rehearsal dinner.

Should I dress up even though I'm going to be dressed up all day the next day? I like the idea of taking advantage of wearing white. :)

ooh pretty pretty

you know I love ruffles

this style is adorable

There are so many options which is amazing but also very, very confusing!



  1. I say, any reason to dress up a little more special than usual. Maybe just wear flats Friday night ;) Love your picks here-that last dress is adorable. Not too dressy, but just enough to be way cute!

  2. My pick is the 1st dress...very sweet, girly, and just the right amount of dressy =)