Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Honeymoon! Part 2

I know you wanna see a few more from the honeymoon. We just had that much fun!

playing catch by Petco Park

couldn't resist!

dream car :)

first trip to Disneyland!

we're cute. ;)

love the train

world of get me.

smaller but still awesome!

did you know you go to hell on this ride? Wild Mr. Toad...wild.

last dinner in SD on Coronado Island

I loved our honeymoon. We ate well, we did fun things and we had a bathtub in our room that had jets! I'm so glad we picked somewhere sunny and warm. I was beginning to think that warmth was a figment of my imagination! What a great way to begin our married life. :)



  1. A VW Bug is my dream car too! I was a lime green or silver one.

  2. aww i'm so glad it was fun! i love all the pics :)