Wednesday, September 21, 2011

In this case, we do need to turn around.

We all pile into the limo and we're ready to go.  With me are my parents, my brother Joe (aka, bro of honor), my cousins jr bridesmaid and flower girl and Jake.  We pull away from the hotel and I play with the radio station, as my dad is talking up a storm to Jake.  Jr bridesmaid is looking out the window and flower girl is taking in the sights of her first limo.  

 this is such a cool picture. I saw it, loved it and knew that Jake got us.

I look at my mom who is sitting next to me and I ask "you have the rings, right?"  Can you guess her answer?

She gasps like a deer just ran out in front of her while she was driving and her hands fly up over her face.  Everyone snaps their heads in her direction.  Joe fills them in and the adults are shocked.  As for me, I'm perfectly fine.  I don't think I could be that calm on a normal day but nothing could really freak me out that day.  We tell the driver to turn around and I text Richard to tell him my mom forgot the rings.  I still have his response: "Yikes. Ok no worries.  It'll all start on time."

Joe says he fufilled his duties as bro of honor by running up to the hotel room to get the rings.  He was just as calm as me, but he usually is anyway.

We made it to the church in time, thankfully.  We were the ones with the programs, flowers...and the bride!

We gathered in the bride's room where we met with our priest a couple times.  MIL & SIL were already in the room when we got there.  Our florist Patty was there as well to give flower girl her flower basket.  Snag #2...she wanted a bouquet and literally threw the basket down with all the force she could muster.  My dad, standing next to me said, I told you that you shouldn't have involved her.  My only bridezilla moment was when I looked at him and told him that it was my decision and he needs to stay out of it.  Glad Jake was taking pictures of the church at this time.  

A few minutes later, the woman making sure our ceremony came in the room and said it was time.  Everyone lined up and I was about to make my way through a doorway from the rectory to the church but someone said the name Richard and I immediately backed up and hid behind a tall set of filing cabinets.  When we were given the all clear, we lined up by the door.  I was arm in arm with my parents already, watching everyone walk down the aisle.  Nicole was standing there next to us and she saw my mom starting to get emotional.  She handed her a little package of tissues so she had something to cry into when she reached the pew.  That girl thought of everything.  I was in awe of her all day.

I couldn't wait to walk down that aisle to my groom.


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  1. you had a fantastic photographer! I was strangely calm on my day too..nothing was going to get me in a tizzy...good thing you asked about the rings!!