Monday, October 31, 2011

This isn't a trick

It's definitely a treat though!

I have all of these cute pictures of our flower girl & I wanted to share them but didn't really know where to put them, so I'm sharing a few today.  

playing with the removable strap on my purse. trying to figure out how to use it as a jump rope, I'm sure.

no, I don't think I wanna go down that aisle. 
That last one always makes me giggle.  I think it also captures her spirit of curiosity.  She may not have been the surest bet, especially since my aunt had to walk her down the aisle, but I'm glad she was a part of our wedding.  

Stick with your decisions, brides.  If you want a little one you're close to be a part of your wedding party, by all means you should.  Don't let anyone talk you out of it.  Do go into it with a laid back mindset though.  If this little one does or doesn't make it down the aisle, it's not going to make or break your wedding.  If anything, you'll get cute pictures out of it.  

Until next time!

xoxo one says your flower girl needs to wear a white dress.  She very well could be wearing an Easter dress you found on sale at Target!

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