Wednesday, June 9, 2010

flower decisions

Before I say anything else, let me just say that I am not a flower girl. It skipped a generation. The first time I received flowers from PeachGroom was the first time I actually liked getting flowers. They were gerbera daisies in a cube vase and I just adored them. Other than that, I'd really rather receive a box of chocolate, thanks.

So of course, it would come down to this. PeachGroom and I met with a florist together on Saturday. The woman was amazing. Really nice and she got our vision...well, my vision I guess because PeachGroom just told me a little while ago that he knew less than I do about this department. Anyway, I felt really good with her and pretty much made up my mind that I wanted her to do our flowers because I trusted her. She even gave us flowers to take home! Now that's just really kind.

Yesterday, I met with the third florist alone. They had really great ideas but I don't think they quite understood me and what I wanted. They kind of took what I wanted and added to it, which is great since I know nothing but I kind of felt they were taking it a bit too far. Once it started spinning I just didn't know what to do so... They kept our main ideas at what I wanted (like the centerpieces...nothing is changed or added to them) but some things totally changed. For example, I want mini gerbera daisies for boutonnieres. The man said to me "I wouldn't choose that for my wedding, but..." Well, that's ok but that's what I want. So only the groomsmen and ushers would end up with gerberas for the bouts. I should have totally spoken up but I wanted to hear their ideas and I don't like to step on others feet.

So here comes the problem. The woman we met on Saturday who gets our vision isn't bringing one thing in that I really wanted for our centerpieces: lemons. Too costly. People I met yesterday asked what my budget was and as I tried to take a stab at it, I said 700 below of what it actually was. So I get their proposal today and it's 350 less of the woman's that I met on Saturday and we get the lemons. Now, I know it's like no question! Go with the one that's less money! I know, I know...but I really like the other one. She gets us...does that matter over money?



  1. Oh man, girl, I'm a HUGE believer in having to love the person you're working with. However, for something like centerpieces, you have a little more wiggle room than with something like the venue or the planner....go with your gut, I say. If the other doesn't get you, she's probably not going to give you centerpieces you LOVE, you know?

  2. Actually that place is on the same page as I am with centerpieces but the personal flowers they got their own vision... I really want to go with my gut too because I agree totally, you need to work with someone you really like. Oh boy...decisions are hard! :)