Monday, June 14, 2010

Officially registered!

Well, at least at Target. :)

I had so much fun going around with the gun and scanning things we want and need. Everyone should do that. Not only for just weddings, but could you imagine how much more fun making birthday and Christmas lists would be?? (What? You don't make those anymore? You just don't admit it.)

It was also funny to hear some of Peachgroom's suggestions. Well, I'll be honest. He only asked about something silly once which was some pest control thingamabob that plugs into the wall. This is the part where I should say that I said we should register for New Moon on bluray (even though we have it already) and a pink wii remote.

That's my question. Amongst all of the things we need like a non-stick rolling pin, some contemporary lamps, measuring cups...what about things we want like a pink wii remote? (Ok, only I want that.) We did register for a radio to go in the kitchen but what about other things entertainment-wise? I did feel it was a little weird seeing my friend open wii fit at her bridal shower so I guess I'm not one of those brides that can register for something like that but I can register for something like a radio?

I hope I don't turn into one of those brides that stalks their registry though. I am definitely the type who likes to be surprised, so let's hope I keep my head even though everything is right at my fingertips. :)


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  1. i think a radio is acceptable but video game stuff is not... and yes you are the type who likes to be surprised.