Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Tuesday Shoesday

Yesterday I was walking through the shoe section at Marshall Field's (yes, I am one of those who refuse to call it anything else) downtown and I saw these stunners. I actually turned around and walked back to admire them.

navy and bling...yes please!

These would be a great option for brides looking for their something blue. Even if you're not they're available in different colors as well so...New Year's Eve? :)



  1. wow, those are awesome! i can see it better now that i'm not looking at the monitor on an angle.

  2. Prettttttty! And it's one of your wedding colors ;) If you didn't already have kick-ass shoes I would suggest these for your trip down the aisle.

  3. Love the shade of blue! Just wanted to add that I still call it Marshall Fields too!