Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Ten Days

Programs are printed and they look amazing, thanks to my super talented fiance who worked so hard on them. Almost every RSVP has been sent back to us and we even got a card from the Obama's! Bachelorette party this weekend. Meetings with photog, dj and florist have been taken care of. Thank you cards came in a matter of days. There is finally a hair and makeup person to take care of us. We are scoring a pretty sweet deal at our reception site and the words "I want to honor what you were told" have been said. I have to count my blessings because we do have a lot to be really thankful for.

Here I am ten days away and still no dress. My family must have a problem with dresses because my mom's dress got snagged as well when they were hemming the bottom. She's waiting on her dress to come in as well. My dress was supposed to come in yesterday but Richard was called and told "maybe tomorrow". You just don't say that to a person who's getting married next weekend. I know I'm being told it's on it's way but that nagging feeling won't go away. So I've decided if it doesn't come in today, I'm not messing around anymore. I need to find a dress that can at least serve as a back up.

All that drama aside though, I'm getting pretty freaking excited. I'm getting married and I can't wait! The things I'm most excited for is exchanging vows, dancing and getting to San Diego. I cannot wait to get to San Diego, people. With my new husband!!!!!!!!!! :) Love it.



  1. Yay, sooo close!! :) I'm thinking lots of good thoughts about the dress situation. Let me know if you need anything from your Twidesmaid here in Florida :) xoxo

  2. congrats on the wedding being so close! i'm sure your dress will get here on time (though that's definitely not nice of them waiting so long to give it back!). can't wait to see pics of everything!