Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Well, this is a surprise.

24 days.

I don't have a wedding dress.

Yes, I'm freaking out. I'm actually doing a lot better than I was yesterday though. I was at work ready to have an anxiety attack.

Let me tell you the short version.

I called the shop, they said the dress was in. Thanks for calling and telling me that. So I made an appointment. Monday, I go in to try the dress on in all it's glory. After waiting with a friend for a few minutes, I know something is wrong. The manager comes back and says my dress isn't here, there was a snag in it so they had to send it back (to China) and I'm getting a new one. At that point, I'm speechless. My friend starts talking for me. The woman promises it will be here in time, we'll work with the fastest seamstress they have. Then she tells me this: "We just didn't want you to worry and freak out."

It's three weeks before my wedding. I don't have a dress. You didn't want to freak me out?! Well, I am now!!

When it gets down to it, none of us believe that the dress was there to begin with. The place that the dress is made is closed for Chinese New Year and they don't know when it will open again. My dress will be in the next shipment, whenever that may be. Let's just say we're calling everyday now.

So, I may be on the hunt for a new dress. My mom is going to the shop on Saturday which I think is just wasting time but she wants to do it in person in the middle of the store so people know what they're dealing with. She said she will be talking nicely and calmly but if she needs to go momzilla on them, she will. Her goal is to either walk out with the sample, a sample of any other dress I want in the store or money to buy me a sample somewhere else.

I'm trying to stay positive. Whatever happens, at the end of the day I'm marrying Richard and that is all that matters.



  1. You'll be able to get the man and the dress. I've got a good feeling.

  2. OH. MY. GOD. Ok, Jennifer. It's going to be ok. But holy cow. I can't believe this is really happening.

    Text me if you want to drive around looking for a dress! I have a car and I can consult. Maybe we'd have luck in the suburbs! Thinking of you! I know everything will turn out beautifully...but for the time being - I'm here if you need anything!!!!

  3. I'm with RP, I think you're gonna get the dress! But I also think your mom is right - IF it doesn't come then they should give you any sample dress in the store. It's gonna work out. You will be beautiful, Richard will be at the end of the aisle, and all will be right with the world.

  4. I'm so sorry honey!! I'm sending good thoughts that everything will work out. But you and RP both have a great attitude and love each other so that's going to make your wedding day more beautiful than anything :) xoxo

  5. you'll get it!!!! do not stress!

    if you need a dress last minute let me know and i can pull some strings!!! hell, you could wear MY dress as a something borrowed!!!!

    lovely little details {blog}

  6. Wow!!! You'll get the dress, you will. I still can't believe this happened, but you will have a dress and your wedding will be magnificent!!

  7. Love you! Any updates? It'll all work out, friend... hakuna matata.