Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Accessories...hair edition

We interrupt your normally scheduled TuesdayShoesday with real life wedding inspiration.

Yesterday, I did some marathon Christmas shopping. Meaning I was sitting at a computer pretty much all day looking for gifts for the people that made the cut this year. (We are paying for a wedding after all...) Anywho, I ended up looking for some Taylor Swift stuff for my junior bridesmaid because it's now my goal to keep her away from all things Miley. That's right Katelyn, write mean songs about boys...don't touch that bong!

While hunting around, I found that she is selling headbands from ban.do! Um..
.hello...I'm so looking for a headband for the wedding!

so sweet and simple

reception look

Can't I have both?? The thing that makes me nervous is I really just want to wear my hair down. Can I still do that with a headband?

Oh, the things brides think of...



  1. Hi! Love the first headband! I been seeing a lot of headbands that are weddingish everywhere even Forever21.

    I want to wear a headband however my fiance said it makes me look like a hippie and it is not wedding-ish...but I love the hippie look!...so if you think that is what you want then go for it! :-)

  2. Thanks! Likewise...go for the hippie look if it's what you like! :)