Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Wedding Party...Dressed!

So it's official, everyone in the wedding party is dressed! The groomsgirl has a dress, as does the junior bridesmaid, the boys have suits, I have a dress...the only one who doesn't have something to wear is the groom. Don't worry, we're on it. Big fan of Kenneth Cole. :)

So the 2 girls aren't completely uniform but I think they'll fit well together. Wanna see? Let's give you a refresher on what the groomsgirl is wearing...

and it fits her perfectly :) no alterations needed!

super cute and age appropriate

So the thing about the jr bridesmaid dress? Yeah, it's not going to be in until a few weeks before the wedding and we're hoping it's going to fit her well since she's growing. (In more ways than one! The 9 year old wants a cell phone for Christmas!)

And let's remind you what the boys are wearing...

sharp and snazzy

Oh man...our wedding party is going to look so good.