Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas 2010

Soooo many things happened over these last few days. I want to remember it, so why not document it right here on the blog, right?

I sent out an email to the dress shop a day or two before Christmas eve, asking when my dress would be in. I got an email on the day after Christmas which surprised me and it said that my dress hasn't hit the 6 month order mark yet but it should be here in February (here come the caps lock) "PLEASE DON'T WORRY YOUR DRESS WILL BE HERE IN TIME." In time for what? The actual day of when I may not even fit into the dress? Yeah...that doesn't make me nervous at all.

Richard and I got absolutely spoiled this Christmas. In fact, I would say the most used phrase of the evening at his grandparent's house was "you don't get married every year". We got the rest of our pots as an early wedding gift from his grandparents, as well as some other kitchen goodies.

yes, our kitchen is Disney theme

super cute

I also got this Betsey Johnson watch...yay!
from mom and dad

By Mom and Dad, I don't mean the people who made me. I mean, Richard's parents. Whoa. There is Richard's 16 year old cousin handing out gifts saying "To Jen, From Mom and Dad". Wait, my parents sent me a gift here? Oh.... I've only had one person in his family tell me, don't call me Mrs. whatever and that was his aunt. This would really be a lot easier for me if you just told me to call you Mom and Dad. Though, I think my mom did the same thing to Richard...

We also spent part of Christmas eve with my grandparents and family. We ate dinner at about 9pm and only watched the best of tv: Criminal Minds and some other shows where people got murdered left and right. Needless to say that when I was left in the apartment alone while Richard went to look for a parking spot, all the lights were turned on and I ended up calling him to make sure that nothing happened to either of us.

Christmas day was celebrated by watching Disney's Christmas parade, as it has in my life since whenever it started back in the 80's. Then I got a call from my brother telling me to get to my parents house because my mom was not letting him open anything until I got there. (For those of you wondering, yes my mom is awesome and still gives us Santa gifts.) So of course, I watched some more parade and then got out the door. It was a nice day. We went around the table telling stories about those who are no longer with us and ate a lot of food. My aunt gave me an old Disney mug that we once bought for my grandma. It's a nice thing to have.

Richard and I kept our tradition of exchanging gifts at 11:45 pm on Christmas day. It's a way to still keep Christmas going and have our own time together on that day. It was pretty lovely. Some of the things we bought weren't here yet so we showed each other things on our phones. His collection of Cowboy BeBop is complete and my collection of Felicity is just starting. :) I also got some pretty flats that were featured on a tuesday shoesday post and an awesome necklace from etsy. Yeah, I'm a lucky girl.

Today I'm planning to buy some after Christmas stuff on sale and make the most of our shower money and gift cards. Exciting stuff, right? :) I hope Santa was good to you too!!



  1. Yeah, we definitely were spoiled this Christmas. That watch is the coolest thing ever and I can't wait to resume our Felicity and Cowboy Bebop watching marathons.

  2. That sounds like such a nice Christmas! I was also spoiled and am proud to say I now have a smart phone. I was, like, the last person on Earth to get one. I also watch Criminal Minds on Christmas eve while I was wrapping. :) Happy engage-versary!