Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The Details, Part 2

I know it's easy to get way too swept up in the details, especially ones that are "in" for the moment.  I think the trick is to find ones that work for your wedding and not go overboard.  People will tell you that no one notices everything, and that's so true.  Not everyone sees every single detail.  I don't know if most of our guests noticed much other than the books and signs at each of the tables.  That's just my little piece of advice...on with the prettiness! 

Just a few things to tie it together, you know?  We had pictures of us growing up scattered throughout the 2 rooms.  That amazing drink sign was made by the amazing baumbirdy.  We saw them at Indie Wed literally a few weeks before our wedding and they made these up for us.  As for those totally hip napkins, those were found in Walt Disney World in December 2010.  My friend Laura got us a package when she went in April 2011 so they might still be available!  I just thought it was an adorable tie to our love of Disney without being overboard.  After all, you did invite your friends & family to be your guests! :)

And as this is the last post before Christmas...  I hope your holiday is wonderful and full of happy memories, no matter what you celebrate! 


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