Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Let's get this party started!

As everyone cleared out to make their way to the reception, we just couldn't believe how quickly time was moving.  How in the world was it time for the reception to start already?

So after everyone admired our cake and lovely set up (no, I'm not gonna be modest at all!) it was time for everyone to make their entrance!

It's time to cut the cake!  I was so excited!  What were we going to cut into??

I so don't remember what we cut into.  I know it was chocolate!
Wanna know something funny?  The piece of cake that was on my fork that I gave to my husband didn't go in his mouth.  It went on my dress.  I didn't know that until after I was sitting at our table.  I remember saying to him "oh, there's cake on my dress."  To which he responded that the piece of cake I fed him didn't make it to his mouth.  Oops...  I suppose if I had a stronger emotional attachment to my dress, I might have cared but I'm not certain I would have either way.  I just got married, there were tons of people surrounding us who loved us, I just ate cake...what more could you ask for?
Coming up, how my bro of honor pulled his speech out of the sky...

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