Wednesday, February 8, 2012

First Dance

What else are you going to call this post?  The moment I've been dreaming of all my life?  I've picked at least 5 songs for this specific moment in my entire lifetime?  (Don't lie, you know you have.)  When I was 6, planning to have a double wedding with my cousin at Wrigley Field where she was marrying Jordan Knight and I was marrying Joey McIntyre from the New Kids on the Block.  At this time, I think my song was Please Don't Go Girl. 

Then when I grew up, I chose the following song.  Unfortunately, the man who asked me to marry him wasn't too fond of it.  (sad face!)

Romantic, right?  I came a long way from choosing old boy band songs.  (Let's be honest though, if Joe and I were friends, he'd be singing *something* at the wedding!)

The song that we did end up choosing might be a little weird for some, but we like it.  Whenever I hear it, I always think how Richard could have wrote those words exactly.  We promised not to over play our song so we wouldn't get sick of it so neither of us have heard it since the wedding.  (Ok, I heard it on the radio once and I immediately started screaming NOOOOOOOO and turned it off.)

Ok, enough rambling.  Here's the song for you to listen to while you scroll through. :)

Ah, the dream comes alive. :)  Happiness.

Until next time!



  1. and the dream is even better than we expected.

  2. you got me streaming mariah videos all morning after starting with the one you posted - flashback! haha