Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Dinner & mingling

I was so ready for dinner, I'm not going to lie.  I really only had a couple bites of some corner bakery that Nicole picked up for me while I was getting ready and by that time, I was kind of starving.  Good thing there was some yummy steak coming my way. :)  

So while everyone was enjoying their dinner, we rushed through to take a few bites.  Since we didn't have a receiving line, we wanted to go to every table and say hey and that we hoped everyone was having fun.  Yeah...that took a lot longer than I had expected.  (And don't worry, our food didn't go to waste!  Our wonderful & nice personal waiter made sure our leftovers were wrapped up and sent to our room.)

We had the best intentions of heading around to everyone's table, greeting them all and then leaving in a timely fashion to the next table.  I should have known though...people just want to talk to you on your wedding day.  I wasn't ready for that, that's for sure.  I still saw myself as just me and everyone else saw me as a bride...go figure!  I'm definitely not the best conversationalist, nor am I good at getting out of conversations because I just don't want to hurt anyone's feelings.  Even though things were slow moving, we made it through absolutely everyone.  We got to see everyone, hug practically everyone, talk to everyone and I wouldn't trade that for anything.  Don't underestimate greeting everyone.  After all, they came there to support you and your groom!

I love that last picture.  My new husband is talking with his pals since childhood and I'm talking to one of his friends with my knee up on the chair as if I'm not wearing a wedding gown.

And while we were visiting with our guests, plates of cake and dessert trays went out to every table.  I'm glad my mom had the idea of dessert trays.  It added just a little something. 

I'm glad that we got some candid pictures as well.  It's like our photographer was in two places at once!

my cousin looks so cute!!

I'll leave you with one last one.  Just because I think it's kind of romantic.  :)

Until next time! 


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