Monday, April 12, 2010

Chicago girl

So this is where I'm going to let all the ideas in my mind about my upcoming wedding come to life. Daunting a bit but right now I need to see this as writing for myself and not driving city boy groom crazy. :)

So far we have the church and reception venue booked. Both are absolutely amazing but the church is driving me a little nuts with all of their rules. No flower petals so my flower girl's job is pretty much walking down the aisle before me and looking cute. No send off because of timing issues. You'd think that a church that has had a *ton* of weddings would know how to work that out. I guess that's just what I get for being Catholic. :)

The reception venue is at a really cool place so I'm excited about that. I can't wait to dress it all up and make it ours. Our theme is Chicago because the city and us just go together. It really came to me when someone told me that city boy and I had a city romance...which totally made sense! So I'm excited to bring in elements of a city that makes me feel alive. Ideas so far for bringing that in are naming tables as street names instead of numbers and possibly using postcards of Chicago for place cards.

We decided to get married in March. Mainly because other months just didn't seem our style and bonus! It's off season. We just couldn't see getting married in June or August or January so we were between September/October and March. Knowing we couldn't wait until fall of '11, we went for winter of '11 to start our lives together sooner.

I can't wait to blog about all my ideas and see them come together.


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  1. you cant drive me any crazier than i already am for you! =)