Thursday, April 29, 2010

Hi, I'm a card girl

Good thing that doesn't say "call girl". Aaannnnyway! :)

A few weeks ago I realized why I'm so obsessive over invitations. I'm the kind of person that walks into Hallmark for a birthday card and I'm there for at least a half hour and tend to walk out with more than just one birthday card because I find the perfect birthday card for someone else. I'm the girl who sees a card from Papyrus and I want to cry. (I want to register for Papyrus cards just so we can look at the pretty cards we got for our bridal shower/wedding.) Cards can say exactly what you want to say even if you don't know how to say it yourself.

I've seen the invites that say nothing but so and so is getting married, if you decide to come here's where to be and what time. Boring. Not personal. Traditional. In my opinion, that's just ugly. Why would you not want to represent the feel of your wedding in the invitation to the biggest day of your life so far? It's not like you need to pay an arm and a leg for it either. My mom got an invite a year or so ago that was just so boring and said nothing that I said "well, this was a waste of money". I want people to see why my fiance and I picked the invite that we did and say wow, this is so them. This is original. This is fun. I'm not saying they need to tuck it away forever (though I would because I'm a pack rat. Not a hoarder. A pack rat. Neither sound good, do they?) but I just want them to get the feeling of what we're trying to set for our wedding: friends, family, fun, happiness, celebration, marriage and true love.


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  1. hoarder's worse. sounds too close to another word that's synonymous with "call girl." =P