Friday, May 28, 2010

am i getting ahead of myself?

I'm getting married in 9 months and 5 days. (Thanks knot wedding ticker!) That seems like forever... Ok, let's not get depressed here.

We have our church, reception venue (that I love!), photographer (who is super cool!) and we're about to sign a contract with a dj (who is also very cool!). I've made my way on to making appointments (from beginning to mid-June) with florists. Now, I don't think we'll make up our minds until the end of June on who we'll choose but something has keep coming up:

Are you getting ahead of yourself?

A vendor (florist who will not be named because she costs wayyy too much and wasn't too nice about it) said it sounds like I'm ahead of the game and Peachgroom asked if we were going to have our entire wedding planned 8 months before it happens.

I'm following the knot's checklist (online and in my neat-o wedding planner book) and according to it by July 5 I should have booked the photog, dj and florist as well as ordering my dress and registering for gifts. Now, I haven't even gotten all of those things done and I have until July to do those things. (Good thing too since I haven't even started shopping for a dress yet.) I think I'm moving along right on target. And bonus if I get everything done ahead of time so I can chill out the last few weeks and not freak out!



  1. Yeah, I think there'll still be a lot left to do during those months after July. Also, winding down (planning-wise) as our date approaches would be a very good thing. =)

  2. Never can get really to ahead of the game with wedding planning. You really need a few weeks to shop around for a florist, check on prices, negotiate, etc. It took me longer to find a florist than it didn't anything else, not because I thought it was that important, but because I couldn't believe how expensive it was. As for the last few weeks of wedding planning, you'll be amazed about how much there is left to do. So many last minute things that just creep up. After you find a florist there isn't much more to do until 3 months before the wedding (or whenever you finalize your guest list and invitations).

  3. Very good advice Sherin! Thank you!