Monday, July 26, 2010

2 years ago at 2am

The weekend of July 25, 2008 Richard's dad was in town. Guy bonding time. Riding bikes in the city, going to a cubs game...the days of our manic texting back and forth. (Ok, we still do that.) Richard's dad knew something was up or maybe Richard told him that he was seeing someone and Mr. Peach said the word "girlfriend" to Richard. It was quickly said that I was not his girlfriend.

I believe that night I saw a special showing of Stepbrothers with my friends. After the movie, they all wanted me to call him so I did, acting as if I were alone. They wanted to hear how cute he sounded! (I was 24 at the time but I'll admit, I acted like a 16 year old.) After they all approved and agreed that he had a great voice, we giggled all night.

Richard and I said our goodnights on the phone after I got home but neither of us could fall asleep. We were texting into the am and at around 2 am, he finally asked me to be his girlfriend. So when he woke up in the morning, this time he was quick to tell his dad that I was, in fact, his girlfriend.

2 years. It feels like forever and at the same time like no time has gone by at all.

aww first picture ever...before the beard went buh-bye!

first vacation 3 months in! (the man must love me if he took me to Disney World)
skating on Wrigley Field!

his 25th birthday

there are no good pics of us together on our next vacation so...

here's one with no people. I love West Virginia.

night before the proposal!my 25th (part 2...part 3 coming in February!) birthday

at a friend's wedding :)

There are so many things we have done and seen in such a short amount of time. There's no one I'd rather do any of it with than him. There's no one I want by my side helping me through every trial but him. I'm so excited to see what awaits us in married life. If these 2 years are any indication for what lies ahead...I'm such a lucky girl.



  1. Yay, happy anniverary! Very cute pics. PeachGroom is TALLLLL. :)

  2. Please excuse my inability to type words correctly. I meant "anniversary". My blonde is ALL NATURAL, baby!

  3. Love these pictures!! Happy anniversary to the a-dor-a-ble Peachies :) you two are just too cute!!