Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Our florist is awesome

It's true. I don't like flowers and somehow my ideas with her ideas made me so excited about what we're going to have. And here's a lovely bonus: we are under budget! Actually I just did the math and when I saw the total I literally said "whoa". I mean we're getting some awesome stuff! Think deep pink gerber daisies with lemons in a freaking awesome pink cube vase for centerpieces. Lush clutch for me (doesn't that sound amazing?!). Since my flower girl can't throw petals in the church we were given options of a basket filled with pink daisies to pass out or just a basket with an arrangement which are both super cute! Gerber bouts, white gerbers for Mary (you know, Jesus' mom), vases for our bouquets... It's all so fun to think about (or maybe that's just me...).

I know we're spending a lot on things that will just die in a few days but I know it's going to make my mom and grandma smile and to me, that's all worth it.


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