Thursday, July 15, 2010

Menu tasting

I'm sure you're wondering why we are doing the menu tasting in July when we're getting married in March. The place we are going to be ordering invites from is going on maternity leave in August so...I know we'll have tons of time otherwise but I can get a little paranoid like that. :)

So first we started with this:

baby tomato and mozzarella mini martinis, firecracker wonton shrimp, chicken lettuce cups

and this:

mini braised beef short ribs with crispy onions and balsamic herb salad

I cannot choice a favorite. Seriously. The meat was sooo juicy and the shrimp was awesome. The mini martinis were perfect and light. The chicken was a little spicy for me but it was still super yummy. Short ribs were sooooo freaking good-I love it. Ok, that might be my favorite. I'm jealous of our guests.

Next we tried some soup. I figured we don't have to try a salad we would probably pick a caesar or something safe. It was weird eating soup in the middle of July but it was pretty yummy.

roasted tomato

chicken wonton soup

The clear favorite was roasted tomato. It had a great homemade quality and I loved that. The chicken wonton was interesting but I think our guests would not like it as much as the tomato. Not only that, the chicken soup was a bit difficult to eat.

Onto entrees! We had a sesame seed and a pretzel roll in addition to our yummy yummy YUMMY entrees. Seriously, I may dream about this food. Ok I won't tease you anymore.

honey glazed young chicken, baby veggies and potato custard

grilled sirloin of beef, baby veggies and potato croquette

Sooooo amazing. The chicken was yummy and cooked so so well. Perfect. The potato custard is best described as grown up hashbrowns which is amazing, right?! I loved the beef though too. Again, cooked just perfectly and tasted wonderful. I thought I went to food heaven for sure. I definitely don't know which one I would pick but at the suggestion of Peachgroom, maybe we can share. He said "it would be our first sharing of meals as husband and wife". Awww!



  1. Oh you are quick! It looks soooooooo good, and I think PeachGroom's suggestion is right on.

  2. I agree with PeachGroom. :) But wow, that all looks so amazing! If the chicken was a little spicy, I would do without that one because I know people get really sensitive with that kind of stuff. I'm jealous that a full catered menu is in your budget! haha

    It's going to be fantastic. How exciting!