Friday, August 6, 2010

Cute invites!!

We like cards. Recently, fsil told us that when she goes out to get someone a card she eventually just settles because she knows that we will get the best card out of every card out there. :) And we each get our own cards!

So of course we were going to be totally picky about our invitations. We went to Papyrus, my favorite card store OF ALL TIME and I was totally disappointed about just how...square...they were. Traditional, plain...nothing about them stood out. I was totally bummed.

Then, I found etsy. I poured over the site for hours. Seriously, it was an insane amount of hours that I stared at the computer looking for the perfect invites. I'm so happy to say we found them!!!

check out the awesome poster in the background!

cute smile
obviously, I'm pretty excited.

here's our suite!! :)

invite...shimmer! :) (ps my hair is auburn because it should have been my natural color!)

so excited to see what people are going to do!!! :)

reception card=love

I'm sorry for such crappy quality pics...Edward wasn't being too nice to me with the limited light. It works though and I'm so excited about them. So is Richard (aka PeachGroom)! We love etsy so much now...I'm constantly sending him links for things I want and not just wedding related things!

Much appreciation goes out to Shannon at Felice Designs! We love these fun invites so much and can't wait for people to start receiving them in early January...sounds so far away, doesn't it???



  1. I love the rounded corners and shimmery paper! They look great and really unique.

  2. You are so adorable - love 'em!