Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Tuesday Shoesday: Groom/Groomsmen/Bridesman edition

So way back when we started planning this wedding, Richard said he liked the idea of grey suits and yellow converse shoes. (This was, of course, after I said I wanted converse shoes instead of dress shoes.) I don't know if I dig the yellow with the darker grey that we're going to look at but here's a possibility...

cute, right? Thanks, I designed them. :)

As you can see the heel stripe is a different color, navy. I'm not sure if I dig that. Then again, I'm not sure the guys will dig buying yellow converse shoes. That's ok. They'll do it for their good pal Richard. (If they don't, bridezilla might have to make an appearence. Nice bridezilla, though.) :)



  1. How much are they? (I didn't click the link, apparently) You could always gift them to the groomsmen/bridesman and they could change into them for the pictures/reception (comfy shoes). I like the navy stripe, it makes them perfect for your wedding!

  2. To design them they're like 62 dollars but if they bought just yellow ones or navy ones they'd be about 40. I wanted to buy them the shoes for a gift but I kind of want to get something they'd like.