Monday, August 16, 2010

Hot Bride!

So on Saturday, while I was partying it up with my groom, Hollie (aka ThriftyinWhite) and HANSON, I got a dm from Helper of the Bride about being nominated for the Hot Bride award! Imagine how much more excited I was!! :) I appreciate it more than you know.

So here's the deal with this award comes 7 pieces of advice and nominations for bloggers who are absolutely deserving! So without further advice:

Number one:
Your wedding should be a statement of you and your fiance. No one else. Sure, you're family is going to want you to do things that you don't want to do and I say, if you really don't want to do them, don't. If you could go either way, do it for the ones you love.

Number two:
Don't settle. You don't need a unlimited budget to have the overall feeling that you want. Sure it helps, but you don't need it. You'd be amazed at the things you can find.

Number three:
Etsy is your friend. Make it your best friend. You can find *the* cutest things there that are not worthless crap. And you can spend a lot less money on things you need like invites, jewelry, favors...the list goes on and on.

Number four:
You look awesome the way you are. Crash dieting is just not worth it. Your guests are going to think you look beautiful, gorgeous, pretty and like an angel whether you know it or not.

Number five:
Things are gonna get crazy. People are going to say things and do things that are going to drive you nuts. Don't let it make you want to run to Vegas and give up what you want.

Number six:
This is going to sound hypocritical blogs can help you and hinder you. They can offer some of the greatest ideas sometimes but you need to think for yourself too. Get creative yourself. Have fun with it and make it personal for you and your future spouse!

Number seven:
Your wedding is one day. Don't let it take over your life completely. Remember, this day is about marrying your best friend, partner in crime, lover, prince... One day to celebrate your love for each other with your friends and family. Make it the best you can dream of but don't lose sight of what you're really celebrating: love.

And the seven bloggers I'm nominating for this fun award are...

W. Thrifty @ Big Day for 10K
Hollie @ Thrifty in White
Lemon @ Lemon Bride
Crystal @ Budget Brides Chicago
Nicole @ Niche White
Joanie @ Word to the Brides
Sarah @ Wedding Sweets

Click on the award on the right side of the blog and share some advice ladies!

xoxo! :)


  1. Ahhh! Thank you! Great advice, lady. This just made my entire day. :)

  2. Holla! Can't wait to get this post up on my blog. Thanks for the love :) Liz Lemon xoxo